Mat Classes

Matwork classes are a great way of developing your body with an hours class each week. Each class has a maximum of 12 participants to one teacher and all your equipment is supplied. You need to wear clothes suitable for exercise and either socks or bare feet. A water bottle is also advised. Each block is eight weeks long (summer blocks may be shorter).

If you know you are going to miss a class you can remove yourself from the class list and then rebook it for any other class with spaces later in the block. All classes must be used up in the block they are relating to. If you miss a class and forget to take yourself out (to make space for someone else) then you will not have the ability to make this class up.


Our beginner classes have been designed as a series of 8 parts, each week discovering new muscles of the body, and movements to help centre, stretch, strengthen and rebalance your posture. This is where you will build the foundation for your Pilates and learn the fundamentals of the Pilates technique. What to wear: comfortable clothing which you can move easily in, bare feet or socks, nothing too loose or baggy so that we can see you moving / your posture and alignment.


If you have particular injuries or pains, or you are concerned about moving up to the Improver level, this class is perfect for you, repeating some of the original content of the beginners block, and branching out a little further, working at a level suitable for most injuries or pains and strains. Also suitable for people starting out, having had some basic Pilates experience before.


Once you feel you understand the fundamentals of the Beginners matwork, moving into an Improver class is the next step. The same principles are applied to a wider range of exercises. This is also a good class to come into if you have done Matwork Pilates before with other trainers and you are new to Balanced.


Moving into more of the Classical repertoire, where the exercises start to become more complicated, and a higher level of awareness of the body and movement are attained. This is also a good class to come into if you have done Matwork Pilates before and you are new to Balanced.


Excellent classes for strength, flexibility, stamina and general fitness. It is important for people with any injuries at this level to have a comprehensive understanding of what is appropriate for them and where they should perform lower levels of an exercise – by now you will have a good vocabulary of Pilates exercises to draw from. Very challenging classes, once again moving one step closer to the Full Classical Matwork repertoire.

You can also do the following classes


This is the original programme of 36 exercises created by Joseph Pilates, giving a complete, balanced, dynamic and challenging workout to the whole body. The focus is on the flow of the exercises and refining these movements - an hour long stamina building continuous workout, the pinnacle of matwork Pilates! Be prepared to sweat!!


One of the Pilates Apparatus created by Joseph Pilates, used to add a host of new Pilates exercises, as well as new and different versions of Matwork exercises. The reformer gives us a whole new awareness of body alignment and movment, adding adjustable resistance to offer either support for exercises you are struggling with, or to increase the difficulty of acquired skills. * Beginner – this class is for anyone new to the studio equipment, the reformer is an excellent tool for rehabilitation as it offers support and guidance for the body during exercise. Here you will learn how to use the machine safely, and how to adjust the machine for various sets of exercises. * Intermediate – you must have participated in the beginner’s reformer course to attend this class, or have previous experience through studio sessions. A basic understanding of the workings of the reformer will be advanced into more complex choreographies and exercises. * Advanced – a very challenging workout involving a selection of the most difficult exercises to master on the reformer, with a great demand on core strength, balance and skill. Guaranteed to improve your Classic Matwork abilities!

Pre and post natal

MS Class

For Clients who have Multiple Sclerosis. This is a tailored programme to suit the individual needs and abilities. It will help connect you to your muscles, opening pathways for muscle activation, building strength, improving balance and helping alignment. Ratios are much tighter, usually 1:4 and you will learn to use the studio equipment. The class is subsidized by Balanced Edinburgh

Backcare Class

This class is for clients who have been cleared to exercise by their physio / practitioner. It will re-educate you over muscle use, balance and control of movements. It is the perfect follow-on from your physio based exercises. The class will be led by a senior instructor with experience of back related injuries.

Interval pilates

Combines intermediate/advanced level pilates with intervals of high impact aerobic exercise for the ultimate workout to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and long lean muscles. A fantastic fat burner which leaves you feeling amazing! Bring your trainers and a towel.


Gyrokinesis® is a movement method that gently works the entire body. Breath and movement are synchronised through a sequence of fluid postures that are linked. This allows to body and the mind to focus and switch off from other distractions, helping to build better awareness and mindfulness. Gyrokinesis® is a complete system of exercising: articulating the joints, improves the flow of energy through the body, stimulates acupuncture points, builds stamina and strength and improving the health and movement of the spine through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular All Gyrokinesis® classes, from beginner to advanced, encompass not only sitting but also laying and standing positions. Those who practice Gyrokinesis® exercises tend to be more relaxed in their daily lives and can move with increased flexibility and ease.

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